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Matthew A.C. Cohen

Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger

Symphony World Premier
A new symphony to be premiered by Marshall University

I'm super excited to announce that the Marshall University Symphony Orchestra will be premiering my new symphony, "Four Hymns", this November. Last year I was incredibly humbled when they performed a piece of mine alongside some of the greats of the film composing world, and I was even more humbled when they commissioned a new piece to premier for this year. 

The piece is a four movement symphony with each movement being an ode to those emotions we all endure as we go on this journey called life.

The world premier will take place on November 16th. I can't wait for them to bring this to life!

A New NFT Project

I am really excited to finally announce a project that I have been quietly working on with the amazing David Etheridge-Bartow (). David is an INSANELY talented graphic designer and animator (and an all around good guy), so when I was incredibly excited that he agreed to work on a new NFT  project that would combine animation with music. 

We wanted to put out something serene and chill, and thus the Chillustrations collaboration was born. We are giving away one copy of our first NFT FOR FREE! Head to the website below and fill out the form for your chance to win!

There are 7 other copies for sale on our website, so jump on and grab them now before they're gone!

Love Bites
Trailer for New Dark Comedy Feature Released

I'm super excited to share the trailer for the new feature 'Love Bites' whcih I had the pleasure of scoring. director Andrew Rothkin is incredibly talented and an all around good guy, and he let me take this score in a really unique direction. Mixing electronics with a jazz noire sound, I'm really pleased with how this all came together. Special shoutout to the always amazing Brian Carter for recording some of the saxophone parts for me. You can check out the video to the left!

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