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Matthew A.C. Cohen

Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger

Land of Gold
Feature Film Now Streaming on Max

Last year I had the pleasure of working on the amazing film "Land of Gold" with composer Simon Taufique. Simon wrote such a beautiful score, which I got to orchestrate for our live orchestral session with the SinfoniNord in Iceland. The orchestra was absolutely incredible, and we got something really beautiful to go along with this beautiful film.

The film is now streaming on Max, so definitely check it out, and be sure to follow it on Instagram, @landofgoldfilm

New Mash Up Project
A Fun New Project for all the Pop Lovers

I recently got into sampling and doing mash ups, which has been a ton of fun. I was looking to flex some new musical muscles, doing some more mixing, really listening to songs and trying to find their similarities, and figuring out how to blend them in a way that works musically. It has been an amazing exercise, and I am really excited about how they are all coming out.

I have been releasing one every week on my Instagram page (@matthewaccohen), and I will be uploading them to my YouTube page, where they will live in perpetuity. 

I hope you all enjoy them, and if you have any suggestions on requests feel free to reach out!

A New Documentary Podcast

After spending a few days in LA with composer Simon Taufique, celebraiting the premier of "Land of Gold", I was excited to get the call from him to do a little music editing for a podcast he was working on. It is a chilling TRUE story about Elizabeth, and her stalker that terrorized her for more than 30 year.s

The score that Simone wrote is truly chilling and fantastic, and I was really glad that I got to cut a lot of it together for the latter 6 episodes of the series. 

Keep your eyes peeled for this one. I will release more info on a release date as soon as it becomes available.

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